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Roth IRA 401K Nest Egg

Americans face two threats to their retirement nest egg. . .

Outliving their nest-egg. . . and having that nest-egg lost to immediate, excessive, and needless taxation.

There are huge tax advantages that allow people with IRAs to create enormous tax-deferred and even tax-free wealth for themselves and their families, but these are largely unknown by financial advisors and their clients.

Instead, these retirement accounts will be lost to heavy and immediate and unnecessary taxation.

People need to work with our Distribution Experts to take advantage of IRA distribution rules that will allow them to parlay their IRAs into a family fortune.

The average advisor is not an IRA Distribution Expert.

Call us today at 800-831-2901 for your free copy of this valuable resource:

"Retire Tax Free"  Book by Kelly

Personal Reviews. . .

"Outliving one's money is the number one fear of the senior community. This book supplies the answers on how to stretch those dollars to the max. Thank you for showing us how we can help others live a more secure and better life."

"Wow!!!! I stayed up until 3 a.m. to finish Patrick's book. I just couldn't put it down. This is a concept perfectly articulated in simple terms."

"As both a CPA and Financial Advisor, I have been advising clients for years regarding the importance of tax-efficiency planning. Tax-Free Retirement is a tremendous educational tool for my clients because it provides clarity regarding tax-efficient alternatives to qualified retirement plans."

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Do you have a traditional or Roth IRA? If so, this is a reminder that April 18th is the deadline for IRA contributions. If you had taxable income for 2016 and need a refresher regarding IRA contribution basics... Read More

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Marc truly protects and cares about his clients. Well mannered, very focused, very professional with a kind caring heart, he is involved and gives back to the senior community. In short, accountable! I am grateful to be able to associate with him. I recommend him to anyone in need of his financial planning and services he provides.

Richard Weatherman, CFO
Marketing Smart, LLC

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The Hercules of annuities and retirement planning, Marc will wrestle the three headed monster of taxes, returns and security for you!!!

Ron Plafkin

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Thanks to your careful investigation into my current financial situation and financial holdings they were able to move some of my money around in such a way to stop the heavy losses I had been experiencing. Instead I began to see some increases even during this economic downturn in the US right now.

Ellen Makenna, CEO
Marketing Smart, LLC
producer of

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We can now retire safely with a guaranteed lifetime income thanks to the outstanding guidance we receive from Marc Weiss. As our Advisor, Marc takes the time to understand our goals and help us to know how to accomplish them. He is awesome!

Buzz and Elke Cohen

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About five years ago after losing over one-third of my IRA money with my old broker, my accountant referred me to Marc. His recommendations and servicing of my account has definitely grown my money over 50% and now I have a program that is guaranteed to NEVER lose money! Marc kept his word and my money is growing just like he guaranteed it would.

Michael Wren

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Archer Weiss is the #1 provider of Retirement Distribution Tax Planning.

We are the Preeminent Safe Money Experts in the San Fernando Valley. We advise tax advisors and our own select clients how to eliminate the devastating consequences of heavy, immediate, and unnecessary taxation using little known sections of IRS code. We show them how to bullet proof their nest egg so they can retire free from fear, with a sustainable guaranteed income for life.